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This is a team of ambitious and purposeful, super-creative and talented experts, who are always ready to create an exclusive history of your digital future. We develop the newest designs and conceptions for sites that are able to reach the best results. A range of thinking that our professionals have is from stylish minimalism and up to burning futurism. In working are used analytical and statistical information + unlimited innovative technologies. They guarantee clarity of a purpose and its timely implementation.

We create excellent websites

Great experience and almost unlimited opportunities

Price list

Leave an application for any service and we will immediately contact you to discuss the implementation of all your ideas.

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OneMarket price list
  • Turnkey project

    For you will be developed an individual project that will include:

    + Unique design (1500$)
    + Writing a unique content (100$)
    + Adaptive front-end development (600$)
    + An integration on Script GoldCoders (550$)
    + Translation the content into English (100$)
    + Banners kit (110$)

    As a present you get:
    + Connecting wallets for 50$
    + Hosting settings for 50$
    + Script settings for setting 50$

    Also you can order separately additional services, which we provide.

  • Creature of unique designs

    After the approval of all the issues connected with your project we will create the unique design, which will include:

    + Homepage
    + Up to 7 internal pages
    + Up to 10 pages of personal account
    + Up to 4 intermediate pages
    + Infographics from the site in modern formats for further usage (e.g. banners or social networks design).

  • Adaptive front-end web development

    You may order only web development if you already have a design. Web development will be completed according to a technical task and personal recommendations, which you will give while discussing the project with OneMarkets’s manager. Front-end web development includes:

    + Homepage
    + Up to 5 internal pages
    + Up to 8 pages of personal account
    + Up to 4 intermediate pages

    Front-end web development of exclusive functional such as: difficult charts, complicated animation, etc. All these issues are being discussed and may cost like additional work, which isn’t included in the price.

  • Integration of the front-end web development on the CMS GOLD CODERS

    If you have a completed web development that has to be integrated into ColdCoders, our guys will be glad to do this. In the price are included: integration of completed pages that previously were adapted to GoldCoders.

    If your web development wasn’t adapted to GoldCoders earlier, you may easily discuss some additional works with our manager and then after some refinements, we will be able to integrate it.

  • A promo video creature

    Likely you will need a commercial to promote your project. Specialists in video editing, filming and voice acting are at your disposal. Professional promo video will bring your project a great success and will become an integral part of your site for the new users. Think about this part of your future website’s content necessarily..

  • Writing of the unique content

    Any kind of story if in the power of our copyrighters. After developing the design there is a content below every block on the home and external pages. It is much better when professionals are dealing with such work. Everything that will be left for you is just to read and underline what is to your mind should be changed.

  • Gif-banner creation

    A standard set of animated GIF banners:


    Ordering additional sizes or banners is being discussed while making an order or speaking to our manager.

  • Fast registration of a business

    If you decided to register your business legally, we can register your company in Great Britain in the short-term.

    There will be prepared digital versions of certificates, that will be equal to real ones and will there be created your company’s account in the United Kingdom's registrar of companies. Every user is allowed to enter the official site ( and find their company in the database of all the companies registered in Great Britain.

  • Registration of the company and connection to the GreenBar SSL

    This service includes registration of your company (120$) + the GreenBar installation on your site.
    Everyone, who will enter your site, will see additional information in their browser about that he is in a secured zone. It will influence your costumers’ trust.
    The GreenBar is the same, like Extended Validation (EV) certificates. It is the most prestige kind of SSL certificates for today.
    SSL certificate of EV standard is created to contribute a more high level of personal identification that requires digital certificates for contributing operations on their sites. Look at a list of the countries in which we register the companies in the service above.

    Such a level of trust is given only to large companies and banks, but OneMarket will make it also for you. And now decide whether you need the GreenBar.

  • Connecting the wallets in the Script GoldCoders

    If you have no time or knowledge to connect registered wallets to the GoldCoders payment system, we operatively will make everything instead of you. Apply us, we can a lot.

  • Hosting adjustment

    Likely, you have already paid for hosting for your future site. If you don’t know what to do next you have no enough time for it, let us adjust everything according to the project.

  • Script GoldCoders adjustment

    We believe that you have already seen a site’s admin panel. But the GoldCoders requires a special understanding. If you are tired of the site adjustment by yourself or you just want to avoid these actions, we will adjust plans, referral and launch the site on your hosting.

  • Translation of the content into a language

    You may order as many languages as you want. We translate into any language. Pay attention to the fact that this service includes not only a text translation but also the real translated version of your project’s site, if it is developed on Script GoldCoders. You receive text files, in which will be full the translation of your site and site will get a new localization to shift the language directly on the site, where will be translated all the platform’s components.

  • Creating video comments for the video of the project 5 pieces

    Every visitor of your site wants to have some confidence to your project. Only comments from real people will help you to get the trust. Every offline user will become your customer if see these videos. Order – it works!