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The Brief to development of the investment project

Please, complete the brief as detailed as it is possible. The more detailed description of the task you give the better final result will meet your expectations. The final product completely depends on the detailed brief and clearly stated technical task.

Contact information

Your name
John Smith
Your e-mail
Your Telegram
Your Skype

Basic information

Name of the project
My Project LTD
Future or desired project domain
A sphere of the project
Forex investment, work on a large stock exchange
Is a marketing development required? (tariffs, referral system, etc)?
If you already have a developed marketing – describe investment plans and the referral system of the project.
In what languages would you like to launch the project?
English, Russian
Is writing of the content required?
Is it required to translate the content into the mentioned languages?
Is the video-presentation required?


Will be supplied the design of your project in Photoshop or others formats?
Colour spectrum
dark-green, black, up to a designer
Show some projects that must be examples for your site, .....
Will be some charts on the site?
Yes, it is necessary to have the chart of Bitcoin value for the last month (X-axis – days, Y-axis - price)
Write the main menu of your site
Home, About the company, For investors, For partners, FAQ, Contacts
Shortly describe your vision of the site and main message.
What sections must be on the Homepage?
Your desires connected with other pages
Is it needed to develop a banner?
The sizes of the banners
468*60, 125*125, 300*300 ....
More detailed information about the banners’ content
Is it needed to create a template for e-mail messages?
Is it needed to design groups of your project in social networks?
What groups must be designed?
Telegram, Facebook, VK, Twitter, Youtube ...


Should the purchase of the CMS GoldCoders license be included in the cost of your project?
Additional works of GoldCoders that are needed
The number of followings the partner link, connect the graph about the floating interest to the CMS calendar, ability to attach an image to a news.
Is it needed to register the company and to launch an EV SSL certificate? (Green Bar.)
Is the launch of SSL certificate is needed?
Is the domain registration is needed?
Is it needed to purchase a particular server or hosting for your site?
Is it needed to buy and install an additional protection from DDoS’s attacks?
Is it needed to tune a server or a hosting?
Is it needed to adjust the GoldCoders?
CMS installation, settings investment plans, referral system, etc.

Payment systems

What payment systems will be in the project?
PM, AdvCahs, Payeer, Bitcoin....
Is the registration of payment systems required?
Is it needed to adjust and connect the payment systems to the project?
Will it be allowed to use currency exchange ?
Is a verification of electronic wallets required?