About us – One-Market


This is a team of ambitious and purposeful, super-creative and talented experts, who are always ready to create an exclusive history of your digital future. We develop the newest designs and conceptions for sites that are able to reach the best results. A range of thinking that our professionals have is from stylish minimalism and up to burning futurism. In working are used analytical and statistical information + unlimited innovative technologies. They guarantee clarity of a purpose and its timely implementation.

We create excellent websites

Great experience and almost unlimited opportunities

We are a modern company

OneMarket creates unique investment platforms to implement the biggest business-projects. We are equipped with a pro-team, that includes more than 10 talented specialists, the newest intellectual base, unrestricted opportunities and creative inspiration for extending digital ideas, breaking stereotypes and realizing of unusual web-projects.

Turnkey development

The main target sphere for OneMarket is a creation of the turnkeys. For those, who don’t know yet what is this - this is a creation of your project from the very beginning to launching. The amount of works connected with the turnkey creature includes: discussion of a future project with a customer, goals-setting, creating a prototype of the site, development of a unique design based on the prototype, adaptive turnkey of the site, that will allow your site has a good look at all the popular gadgets (PC, MAC, Android, iPhone, iPad, etc.), and of course set up the template of the site into the site managing system called GoldCoders, which will show you the statistics of your project during working and you will be able to manage your site by means of the platform.

Creature of unique designs

The basic principle of design development for OneMarket is 100% uniqueness and originality. We create the only exclusive visualization of digital story avoiding standards and triviality. Design solutions that are chosen by our specialists perfectly combine the positioning of a project and contemporary tend of demonstration of style.

Our talented web-designers are creative with a capital “C”. they know how to attract a viewer unobtrusively, “to catch” the target audience’s attention and to reach a set goal.

OneMarket’s specialists constantly improve themselves, thereby raising their level of qualification. They work through special techniques and mechanisms to implement new futuristic ideas and unusual web-designs.

Adaptive front-end web development

OneMarket’s team will make a highly qualified adaptive website development just in time, getting rid of countless designs for different devices. Such a development will allow entering the site-pages without any barriers from every gadget, also it will help to save money on additional visualization developments.

Adaptive website development provided by OneMarket successfully regulates changes of screen resolution, using spectacular mechanisms for automation of transition.

If the OneMarket’s professionals are going to deal with your site, none of the gadgets is dangerous for it!

Integration of the front-end web development on the CMS GOLD CODERS

Professionalism, high quality, extensive experience - are those what makes our employees different from others. Our specialists integrate the front-end web development on the CMS GOLD CODERS into projects of every difficulty and every scope. The projects are always being completed on time and without delays.

The OneMarket has a required set of tools, moreover, it has completed an intellectual base for integrating the most unusual ideas of the front-end web developments. If we deal with something, it is effectively once and for all. After working with our guys there aren’t any remakes! We guarantee the highest quality of the front-end web development on the CMS GOLD CODE.

Enormous experience. There are more than 100 successfully realized projects.
Practice during the years of overcoming different pitfalls, detailed researching hundreds of specifications and methods to create “something new” is able to stimulate the business moving further.
Budget-hitting is excluded
The OneMarket’s flexible price policy is quite loyal in case of pricing, allows to create an individual schedule of payment.
No stereotype thinking + advanced technologies
For us, every project is an absolutely new creation with individual ambitions and targets. So, created by OneMarket digital story follows the high quality, exclusivity and originality in 100% of cases.
Accurate speed
Independently from a scale, difficulty of the project, set goal will be reached the just in the determined period of time. Without an exception. Even, if it is a super-urgent order.